How BuyGenerics Works to Deliver Orders to Your Doorstep Quickly

How BuyGenerics Works to Deliver Orders to Your Doorstep Quickly

BuyGenerics prides itself on offering the fastest deliveries, ensuring orders reach customers’ doorsteps promptly. We fulfill orders within the US and some other countries so quickly that many wonder how we are able to do this, especially considering the large volume of orders we handle daily. Whether you’re a long-term customer or a potential first-time buyer looking to understand who we are, what we do, and what to expect from us regarding our available delivery options, shipping time, and order tracking capabilities, this guide is for you.

The Main Principles of BuyGenerics is your top source for premium-quality generic medications, all available at competitive prices with no prescription. We understand the challenges people face daily while trying to buy various medications for their healthcare needs. In response, we set a standard to ensure our customers enjoy the best shopping experience.

Here are some of the key features that set us apart:

  • top quality assurance: At BuyGenerics, we source all the medications in our inventory directly from reputable pharmaceutical firms that operate in strict adherence to international quality standards and regulatory guidelines. By avoiding intermediaries, we directly procure authentic medications that are both safe and effective. We then deliver these drugs directly to our customers, ensuring the highest quality and reliability;
  • affordability: Through established direct partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers, we actively negotiate to secure competitive prices. This collaboration enables us to save costs, which we then pass on to our customers, ensuring they get the best value for their money;
  • discreet packaging: We recognize that some customers prefer to purchase their meds discreetly, so we have stringent measures in place to safeguard their privacy. We discreetly package all orders to ensure the contents remain confidential. Also, to safeguard customer financial privacy, we accept crypto payments, ensuring a secure and traceless transaction process;
  • unparalleled customer support: We have a team of well-trained and experienced customer support agents on standby to provide quick assistance whenever you reach out.

One of our core principles is to provide our customers with as much value as we can for every dime they spend at our online pharmacy. To do this, we provide great deals and discounts whenever an opportunity arises. Currently, we offer an exclusive site-wide discount on purchases worth $100, redeemable with the coupon code BYG-GET10. In addition, we offer up to 50 extra pills of Cialis for returning customers and a special 20% price slash for anyone who pays for their orders with Bitcoin.

Our Delivery Options

Our pharmacy is renowned for its ultra-fast USA-to-USA deliveries and international shipping without a prescription. Let’s explore each of these delivery options.

International Delivery

We offer cheap international shipping to most countries around the world. Customers from the US, the UK, and Australia can expect to receive their orders within 7 to 12 working days. For the rest of the world, the shipping time is 10 to 18 working days.

Note that we do not offer direct shipping to Israel, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and a few other countries that have strict drug importation laws. However, residents of these countries who may still love to buy their medications from our platform can do so through parcel forwarding services such as Skypax.

We ship out from India, the United Arab Emirates, or Singapore, depending on the proximity to the customer’s location. This allows us to fulfill orders within the shortest possible time. Irrespective of the chosen shipping method, you can rest assured you will receive your orders. You have the right to buy healthcare supplements from overseas vendors, provided they are for personal use.

Domestic Shipping

Our domestic shipping option is currently available only in the USA, Australia, and the UK. Customers who choose this shipping method can expect to receive their parcels within 3–4 days, with the additional convenience of an overnight delivery option. We facilitate our UK and US domestic delivery via Royal Mail and USPS Priority Mail, respectively.

Note that next-day delivery to the USA, Australia, and the UK is only offered for our bestsellers, namely modafinil, finasteride, and erectile dysfunction (ED) tablets.

Packaging and Order Tracking

We understand the itch to know exactly where a product you purchased online is at every point in time until it gets to your doorstep. So, in response to that, we offer everyone the option to track their parcels if it’s something they are interested in.

For any buyers outside the US interested in tracking their parcels every step of the way, international express shipping is the delivery option of choice. We typically send out parcel tracking information within 24 hours of shipping out. However, tracking details may not reflect until the parcel gets into the destination country. For instance, if you order modafinil from Australia, we’ll send you a tracking number within hours, but it’ll likely become active after the package enters the country.

Order tracking is also available for domestic US shipping. We send an automated email and text notification containing all the tracking information to customers as soon as possible.

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Whether you reside in the US, the UK, Australia, or any other part of the world, you can bank on BuyGenerics to provide seamless and affordable domestic and international shipping.